Reverb/Tremolo Units
Sage 7

Originally Inspired by the 5F2A narrow panel Princeton of the late 50’s, the ‘Sage7’ builds
on a classic theme adding a few modern upgrades. Similar to the Tweed Harvard 6G10
version, we house the combo amp in the slightly larger cab and drive a 10 inch speaker for
more volume output. The 5F2A/6G10 is an excellent ‘Class A’ circuit design and a studio
favorite. The Sage7 puts out about 7watts when the output stage starts to compress. There
is one volume, and one tone knob. The original circuit had two inputs and a ‘bright cap’
always engaged. We opted to go with one input, and a bright/normal switch for more tone
control. The output transformer is upgraded to a Hammond 125CSE to give full body
output. The speaker is an AlNiCo high end Weber 10A125 . The AlNiCo 10A125 provides
an incredible organic, woody tone that complements the tweed circuit well. The original
5Y3 rectifier tube is substituted with a 5V4G to give just a bit more punch and output
before natural compression of the power stage occurs. Each amplifier is hand wired in our
shop in Carlsbad, CA, USA.

List Price $1200

Preamp            12AX7
Power amp      6V6
Rectifier          5V4G
Speaker           Weber 10A125

Cab Dimensions: 16 5/8'' (H) X 18'' (W) X 8 3/4''(D)
Tube Chart In PDF click to
Sage7, strat, clean, volume 50%, tone 50%
Sage7, strat, loud, Volume 75%, tone 60%