About Our Business
Schreyer Audio designs and manufactures high performance audio equipment for musical
instrument amplification and signal processing. We create audio gear that we, and our
many colleagues in the field, find useful and key to delivering the optimum live and
recorded sound. Our goal is to provide electronics that have an organic tone and feel such
that they are an extension of your instrument and a key component in your performance
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Earl Schreyer
Earl Schreyer, Founder

Earl was born in Bethesda, MD on 2/11/1965. Being the youngest of 5 kids and growing
up in the 70’s, classic rock was just part of his upbringing. Influenced by the classic rock
tone of the day, Earl started playing guitar and bass guitar at the early age of 11. Playing in
bands through junior high, high school, and as a young adult he gained a lot of experience
in performing rock music and with the amplifiers and gear involved to put on a rock show.
Earl’s father is an audio enthusiast himself, a Hammond B3 owner (with a Leslie), and built
early Klipschorn speaker kits. Although his father is not a rock musician himself, the
application of audio electronics crossed boundaries. There were plenty of amps, speakers,
and things to hookup, experiment with, and play through in the basement. From an early
age, the smell of warm tubes and old audio gear is forever etched in his memory and still
brings back the passion to this day. Playing what you can afford, or what is available like
most young people, it was still clear from an early age that tube tone ruled for electric
guitar and bass even with the emergence of transistors (solid-state, semiconductors, etc..)
In 1985, Earl was 20 years old. Like many young adults, he realized a more stable career
goal other than ‘rock star ‘may be wise for survival. Taking some music theory classes
and general studies at a local community college at the time, Earl decided to enroll in an
Electronics Technician Certificate program. After gaining some knowledge with the
Technician Certificate Program and another local Technical College, he decided to move
west, enroll in Arizona State University and study electronics seriously. Earl earned a
Bachelors degree in Electronics Engineering in 1991 and landed a job in the Semiconductor
Industry. While working for a small start up IC design firm in Mesa, AZ, he also earned
his Masters degree from ASU with an emphasis in Integrated Circuit Design. So by 1995,
Earl had earned both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Electronics Engineering, and
already had 4 years engineering experience in the Semiconductor industry. During his time
at ASU, Earl continued to play in bands and work with audio electronics. In 1997 he
moved to northern CA to work for National Semiconductor in Santa Clara. Living in Santa
Cruz County for only 2 years, Earl moved to San Diego County in 1999 to take a position
with Fairchild Semiconductor. Although brief, the Santa Cruz time was forever
memorable, as this is where his son Sage was born on May 24th 1998. Earl had the dream
of Schreyer Audio since the early days at ASU. Working on various projects as a hobby at
home (effects pedals, pre-amplifiers, crossovers, etc.), Earl continued the dream. In 2003
the hobby intensified with power amplifiers and in 2004 he found the beauty of point-to-
point hand-wired tube guitar amps. Since then he has been on a tear and has stepped up his
game. The combination of music, electronics, design, and hand built amplifiers is Earl’s
true passion. Founding Schreyer Audio in the fall of 2005, Earl has exhibited at the 2006,
2007, and 2008 NAMM shows and has honed in on an impressive product line for 2008.
With 6 choice guitar amplifier models for 2008, the passion continues.

May, 2008