Power Amps

- True Spring Reverb unit.
- 100% Analog Design.
- Top of the line Accutronics 3 spring reverb tank.
- Dwell and Mix control.
- Buffered input, buffered output. No signal loading, excellent output drive.
- No loss of tone.
- Popless/Clickless foot switch control (included foot switch).
- Vintage look, feel, and tone.

List Price $570

Each Unit is hand built and tested in our shop in Carlsbad, CA, USA
Add reverb to that old
Tweed amp or re-issue.
click pic for larger
Click pic for larger
Strat, Kraken with on board reverb down, adjusting  through Dwell levels, Mix at 50%
Les Paul, EDS45, Dwell at 60%, Mix at 55%
click pic to see zoom
in on control panel.