Schreyer Audio offers a 1x12 cabinet. This can be used with any of our heads or as an extension cabinet
for any of our combo amplifiers. The SOB1x12 speaker has a 50watt rating on it's own.
After trying many speaker combinations, we've narrowed in on three options. The first is the WeberVST
ceramic Blue Dog. These speakers complement the classic tube tone very nicely bringing out the high end
chime and also retaining plenty of power to handle and tighten up the low end. Second option is the
WeberVST 12F150, which is the Vintage series take on the classic Jensen C12N (can't go wrong here).
The other option is the Eminence Cannabis Rex Hemp cone speaker. This speaker has a big and bold tone
and strong volume, but also retains a very pleasing organic tone due to the hemp cone.
Since the SOB1x12 is 20" wide, both the Preamp and Power amp Heads fit perfectly on top.
The cab can easily be carried by one person (in one hand).
The Dimensions are : 16" (H) x 20" (W) x 10 3/4" (D)
Wood: Baltic Birch Ply

List Price:  $525

All cabinets are wired for 8 ohms total impedance.
Schreyer Audio Standard is Black or Blonde Tolex and wheat Grill cloth