Reverb/Tremolo Units
The EDS45

Inspired by the classic JTM45, the "EDS45" is an all tube, point-to-point hand wired guitar amplifier that offers a
touch sensitive rich full tone. Built upon the classic 5F6A/JTM45 design, the EDS45 offers variation on a classic
theme. Sticking to the British influence on the 5F6A, the EDS45 uses two KT66 power tubes delivering a rich 45
watts of tube power. Three 12AX7/EC833 preamp tubes drive the Normal and Bright channels as well as the
classic Treble/Bass/Middle tone stack, and long tail phase splitter .The amplifier will produce the sweet classic
natural "break-up" (distortion) and compression at high volumes but will also maintain adequate clean headroom for
a big clean tone. We recommend pairing with our 2x12 cabinet loaded with WeberVST Blue Dogs (ceramic or
AlNiCo). These speakers complement the EDS45 very nicely bringing out the high end chime and also plenty of
power to handle and tighten up the low end.. An impedance switch is included (4, 8, or 16 ohm operation) on the
back panel for a multitude of cabinet configurations. See Marc Ford with the Black Crowes to left live with his

List Price            $1700

Preamp               12AX7's (ECC83)
Channels              Bright, Normal, classic 4 hole input.
Tone                   Treble, Bass, Middle, Presence.   
Power amp          Matched pair KT66
Rectifier              GZ34/5AR4
Custom Cab covering, grill cloth and knobs.

Dimensions: (H) 9" x (W) 26" x (D) 8 1/4"
pic... Courtesy of
Riffman from .
Strat, clean, volume 30%, all tones 50%, normal channel
Strat, loud, volume 70%, all tones 50%, normal channel
Les Paul, clean, volume 30%, all tones 50%, bright channel
Les Paul, loud, volume 70%, all tones 50%, bright  channel
Strat, with Red Snapper pedal, volume 30%, bright  channel
With Matching side by
side 2x12.
Strat, with CMATMODS pedal, volume 30%, bright  channel
Les Paul, with 'Spring-Verb'