"Classic 60's-Pre"
Reverb/Tremolo Units

The 'Classic60's-Pre' is an all tube, hand wired preamp section from the early 1960's classic Fender Blackface era of amplifiers. Make no
mistake, this is not a PCB module meant to sound like the real circuit, this is a true hand-wired circuit with the complete original
Blackface preamp, plate load tone stack, and tube/transformer driven reverb tank. We bring the full Treble, Bass, Middle tone stack
controls out, which was only offered on some of the lager amps (Super, Twin). In addition, we add a very versatile ‘Tone Stack’
switch. A lesser known fact is that the preamps in all the blackface models from the 60’s were very similar only differing slightly in the
tone stack. As mentioned before, some did not bring out the middle control, but also some differed slightly in a capacitor value in the tone
stack. For example, the Super used a 0.022uF cap in this position and many other amps used a 0.047uF cap. This changes the low mid
shape, where the Super has more low mid punch, and the Twin filters out more of the low mids. We found one version of the Pro that is
half way between (0.033uF). So we offer a three position switch that allows you to select the tone stack of your taste between those
three. This ends up being a very versatile control to dial in the tone you desire depending on your guitar, speakers, speaker cab, and style
of music you are playing.In addition, a tube driven output buffer is added to drive a power amp (or two). There is a line output level
control to adjust the output volume of the preamp. This also allows you to crank the preamp section, getting some nice drive, but
allowing you to tailor the signal level going out. To get a larger blackface type amp configuration, pair this with our mono block 50 watt
power amp (coming soon) and select the SS rectifier position. If you want a smaller blackface amp vibe, pair this with our dual 6V6 20
watt mono block power amp (coming soon) for more tube break up at lower output levels. We recommend pairing with our 50 or 20
watt mono block power amps and speaker cabs, but it's compatible with any power amp. For example, how would you like to bypass
your Hot Rod Deville/Deluxe front end and take a true hand-wired blackface preamp straight into your power amp input on the Hot Rod.
Yes, you can..

Each amplifier is hand wired in our shop in Carlsbad, CA, USA.

List Price:

Preamp           3 x 12AX7
Tone              Treble, Bass, Middle, Bright Switch
Effects            Reverb   
Line Out         Tube driven with level control          

Cab Dimensions:
Head (H) 7.5" (W) 20" x (D) 7 3/4"
Power Amps