Reverb/Tremolo Units

The 'Classic45-Pre' is an all tube, hand wired preamp section of the classic 5F6A made famous by Fender's Tweed 59-Bassman and then
inspired/brought forward by Jim Marshall to create the first JTM45. Make no mistake, this is not a PCB module meant to sound like the
real circuit, this is a true hand-wired circuit with the complete original four hole input, normal and bright channels/preamps, and the full
cathode driven treble, bass, middle tone stack. In addition, a tube driven output buffer is added to drive a power amp (or two). There is a
line output level control to adjust the output volume of the preamp. This also allows you to crank the preamp section, getting some nice
drive, but allowing you to tailor the signal level going out. Ever wanted to play through dimed JTM45 front-end, now is your chance. To
get the classic JTM45 type head, pair this with our mono block 50 watt power amp (coming soon) and select the tube rectifier position.
However, now you can try new variations, like a SS rectifier position for a little more power out (less sag), or pairing it with the dual 6V6
20 watt mono block power amp (coming soon) for more tube break up at lower output levels. We recommend pairing with our 50 or 20
watt mono block power amps and speaker cabs, but it's compatible with any power amp. For example, how would you like to bypass
your Hot Rod Deville/Deluxe front end and take a JTM45 preamp straight into your power amp input on the Hot Rod. Yes, you can..

Each amplifier is hand wired in our shop in Carlsbad, CA, USA.

List Price:

Preamp           3 x 12AX7
Channels         Bright and Normal
Tone              Treble, Bass, Middle   
Line Out         Tube driven with level control          

Cab Dimensions:
Head (H) 7" (W) 20.5" x (D) 8 1/4"
Power Amps